Workplace accidents are a widespread problem and have been shown to affect organizational effectiveness, as well as employee health, safety and wellbeing. The International Labor Organization (ILO) pegs non-fatal occupational accidents at 317 million per year while those that are fatal stand at 321,000 per year.

A properly designed, implemented and managed safety program will always create a safer work environment. This translates into a high value of savings in terms of lost time, medical bills, environmental and property damages and related costs that’s far greater than the cost of the safety program.

Support for Safety Programs

Carder and Associates is at the forefront of helping corporations deliver effective and life-saving safety recognition programs to ensure the safety of workers as well as safeguard the integrity of the environment. Working within your budget, we’ll help you create the most effective program for your team.

Carder is a proud sponsor of the National Safety Council.

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Are you considering renewing or enhancing your safety program? Are you wondering where to start? If so, you have come to the right place. Carder and Associates has a long history of assisting companies like yours in upgrading a recognition program or developing a comprehensive program to support safe decision-making.

A typical package may include:
Logo Design
Awareness Items
Observation Awards
Milestone Awards
Special Achievement Awards
Consulting Services


We believe in the power of recognition and engaging employees through branded merchandise and corporate gifts. The ideal award, decorated with your logo, will create a great incentive for teamwork, safety and the success of your safety program.


Underpinned by our inhouse design and translation capabilities, we offer signs, stickers and decals, equipment tags, banners and a host of other safety collateral items to support your safety incentives and recognition programs.


Promote awareness for your safety programs using our awareness items. These include decals for hard-hats, wall decals, posters, t-shirts, hats, desk items, drinkware, and other low-cost, high-visibility items. Use these to effectively nudge workers to have safety in mind at all times.


Carder and Associates optimizes purchasing and, in some cases, distribution of your awards and recognition gifts through our custom safety award online stores tailormade for each organization. By designing, developing, maintaining and optimizing your custom online stores, we will ensure they become an essential component of your recognition program.


Our Safety Consulting Division, New Generation Safety, led by Brooks Carder, PhD, and Pat Ragan, former VP of QHSE for Bayer, focuses on safe decision-making to effectively reduce both recordable accidents and low-frequency high-consequence events. The process, developed over a 20-year period, begins with a survey using your company data to understand the culture and systems that support safety. The process then moves to an interactive planning process and the development of an improvement plan.

The Safety Consulting Division provides cognitive science-based evaluation, coaching, training and education to enable individual sites to develop and implement improvement plans.

The newest member of Carder’s Consulting Division has 30 years of experience working as an HSE manager for the Oil & Gas industry in Brazil, Middle East, Africa and North America. His enthusiastic and dynamic coaching style promotes engagement at all level, regardless of background, social or economic status. His work combines operational productivity and safety, resulting is successful operations free of accidents.



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